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It's Gathering Time! What Can We Do For You?

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Okay so now the spooky season has passed. We can now focus on the family gatherings that will ensue upon us all at some point in the next few months. Whether at your home, your relatives or maybe you are helping at a volunteer feeding of the masses for those without a place to go, Party Productions is here for you. Our job is to help you succeed at providing that atmosphere to help host the best gathering you can put on. It's not easy and just because there are tips online, well they are not here in person to assist you pull it off. We are.

Each person at the store has a unique quality of which I've talked about before. Because of that unique specialty each associate has, you get that one on one service. It doesn't matter if you call, come in or check things out online, you will get taken care of with every bit of our energy towards your request. How do I know this? Let me tell you a story that came to our attention throughout the Halloween season especially in the last few weeks.

So as we were busy at both stores helping families, single parents, grandparents and college students to find their perfect costume for whatever event they were going for, we heard a common story, no complaint. It wasn't us. It was what happened to our customers online that appalled us but yet secretly we knew this would happen. You see there were many who "thought" that getting that cool deal online was the best way to shop for their Halloween costume. Well you thought wrong. Oh man were the customers NOT happy, I mean like never doing that again not happy.

So they came shopping into our stores. They traveled back into the Costume department, our Masque Productions. Maybe they came to the Crossroads Mall to our Other Store locations. It wasn't long before we heard the literal "horror" stories. They bought a costume online, promised to be in their hands before Halloween. NOT. Or it was the story of how they got the costume but when they did, there were parts missing..REALLY? In most cases, they had been told on customer service hotlines, that it "should've been" on their doorstep or the missing part in the package, where they sure they checked the box? WHAAT?

I cannot even begin to tell you how annoying that was to hear that. I know that no matter who was helping the customers, that their requests were taken seriously and our crew did everything in our power to make their request happen. Very cool. Many told us too that they'll be back next year getting their costumes from us, not online, period. Satisfied customers treated with respect, that's what matters. 

Now to the gatherings, if you need tableware-the plates, utensils, cups, napkins, placemats, decor. We have that. Oh but you just found out another 10-30 are coming to YOUR house, office or place of worship, but not another table or group of chairs to be found? Get yours by renting them at Party Productions. Don't wait. Reserve now, pay, pickup when it's convenient for YOU and return AFTER the event. Call it good. Need some extra bisquits, cinnamon rolls or pies? We have that too! Take your event to the next level at this time of gathering. Let us help you put it in perspective by giving you that one on one service you deserve and CANNOT get online. 

We look forward to serving you as we all take time to be grateful that we can connect and be around the ones we love. We love having you at our stores and finding exactly what you need for your family/church/office gathering. Let us help you look great at being the perfect hostess with the mostess. Happy Thanksgiving from our store family to yours. We appreciate your business and for shopping local in Fort Dodge. 


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