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Just Browsing...but thank you

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This is the most common thing we hear especially at The Other Store located in the NE corner of the Crossroads Mall. Many times it is a couple that just finished shopping elsewhere in another store but wanted to walk through this store. When they do, they kind of just get drawn in by the uniqueness this store has for just about anyone of any age. It is kind of fun to watch them browse after they tell you they are "Just Browsing..."

Whoever it is shopping sees the unique toys from Melissa and Doug that are put in categories to help you shop not only for the perfect toy, but the child's age and abilities. The traditional, active, tactile and colorful toys are perfect for any age. The stuffed animals are such high quality and oh so realistic in nature you almost need to look twice to make sure they are not real. Last I knew we did not have to feed them or tend to them outside. Whew.

Recently the sports fans have been coming into the store to check out the huge selection of NFL and MLB team gear that is available. You can tell what games are coming up or who the local team favorites are when the customers start to pick out what they want. What I found most endearing lately is the family members coming in to shop for an elderly grandparent or parent who is celebrating a well deserved milestone birthday. The adults and kids spent time picking out the favorite team items for the one they love.

Today at the store was a number of dads shopping w/ their kids. They were having the best conversations about what they liked or if they were wanting a toy/animal/sport item for the birthday or possible Christmas present. It was great to hear the stories of what they like to do and then the kids would suddenly say, "I want that, pleeeeease". At that point the parent looks in desperation of how to handle the request. We step in to assist and help the situation so that the child sees how they can play w/ the items, use their imagination and maybe, just maybe find that traditional item more exciting than a screen. Funny how the old becomes new again eh?

Just random thoughts on a Saturday. As always we appreciate you shopping local, spending physical time in our stores, Party Productions and The Other Store. Have a great weekend. 


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