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No Stone Left Unturned for Our Customers!

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     I'm not kidding you. The staff here is A-mah-zing! I'm not just being biased, but have seen the hard 
work that goes on behind the counter, behind the shelves, up in the rafters of the costume department, the 
elevator (did you know a military Jeep can fit in there? AND room to fit around?) and oh yeah, the 
incredible, constant personal customer service everyday. They try oh so very hard to make sure your event 
BIG and BEYOND expectations!
     Recently we were on a hunt for a baby boy footprint plate for a shower. Now we had most of 
what the customer needed but were short on a larger sized plate. Like we always do, we offer a special 
order service so that we can try to find more for the customer and get their needs taken care. We put the 
order down on paper and said we would try to get more for them as soon as possible. Little did we know 
the company discontinued that line thus we couldn't get more from them. The hunt ensued. We thought we 
had scored a whole case from a site online....nope, epic fail. They never did get back to us. Not cool, not 
even after endless chats in the chatroom, interesting names though. There were the unusual sites you 
wouldn't think of for having party plates especially for a baby shower. Because of those sites (we wrote 
those down for future customer hunts!) we discovered unusual products that we could use for our 
customers. Nice.
     After much searching and taunting by kind of sorta customer service interaction with other companies for
almost 1 1/2 weeks, it came time to call it a day. Done. So we thought we had one coming in to the store but 
no more of the 9" plate version could be found. Called the customer, they were not upset and appreciated 
the devotion to their request regardless. Whew. Funny thing is the product that was coming in never did 
arrive on time, it came a week late. Really? Herculean effort was done just for one customer but it didn't stop 
      Some customers find us on this site and send us messages about a theme they are tossing on and they 
want to see what we have to compliment their idea. So we go and seek in the store, we communicate by 
phone, in person or by email to let them know how we can assist them with their event, big or small. I like it 
when we get to take pictures of our massive selection to send to them personally so they know their request 
is taken seriously and we will do whatever we can to help them. Customer service at its best and technology 
now allows us to cater to the customer even faster. Very Nice.
      Recently, we did custom work for area proms (two back to back on same weekend) Our staff went out of 
their way to ensure the decor created for that one night for the HS kids was exactly what they needed. 
Everytime it is quality work in how they put up or take down an environment created for an event. Not easy 
work to do but they make it happen. Other work was creating imagery for the memory of a loss loved one, 
creating imagery to work with a theme for a church luncheon with great detail in design and personalized 
stickers for a gender reveal. This staff can do it all. They are my superheros in customer service!


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