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Colorful Inspirations for State Softball!

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    In this store (& The Other Store) everyday is a rainbow of ideas. There is not one normal day where you "think" you can guess the outcome of what the customers are going to throw at you. Yes I said THROW. That's because when you walk in the door, you are greeted like a human should be. You are asked what you might be looking for, needing to help put your celebration together.                                

   Some customers know what they want as they are repeat customers, they know the layout of the land. Others have no clue and just want to mosey around until they find what suits them, even better. Then you have the "list" people. We love these customers. They were sent with a list, again for a church, family gathering or corporate event. They have no idea what they want as they are "not the person who normally does this" comment. Cute. But we are here to help them, anyone who walks in the door. We love to help you get what you need to make your event a success. It's the daily challenge that makes it interesting. Nothing is a bizarre request or need, we've seen it all and dealt with it all. Sometimes you get a curve ball but again it makes the day interesting.

       Now I said colorful inspirations..well with all the State Softball teams in town, decorated cars/buses and fan base wearing the school colors, it is no wonder that we have what is needed to make the week of softball celebrations a great success. At this store, Party Productions, we have the tableware, the tailgate food and supplies, costumes and accessories (BTW...ARE.ON.SALE!) and if you go to The Other Store at the Crossroads Mall you'll find all the school spirit items you could possibly imagine in the rainbow of GO.FIGHT.WIN!

      At The Other Store, there is an entire wall devoted to the colors of the rainbow for all the various school team colors to embellish that fan base. Check it out! At both stores there is skin safe makeup that can help get that point across who you want to cheer on to victory. In the Sports section, there is a softball area with plenty of decor, tableware and items to decorate the dorm rooms at ICCC where the teams stay during the tournament. No matter what the need, we can handle it. We always do to the best of our ability. Our goal is to help you celebrate 24/7! Give us a call at (515)576-5544. Welcome to State Softball and Fort Dodge!     



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