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It's A Circus Around Here!



Why am I saying that? Have you truly been in this store during the day? Not just during the "usual" busy times of noon hour, after school, after work but the other times? It is a circus in here and in a good way. There are the people coming in just for a celebration of some type. There are people who are looking for food and clever ways to serve the food. You have the beloved church ladies who come in for the placemats and the napkins/plates/tableware/cups to match. Not to mention the VBS (vacation bible school) days at church. They all have unique fun themes and we have everything you need to cover it. One in particular utilized our superhero costumes, decor and balloons to make their VBS a great success! There are the trending bridal shower themes where the guests dress up for the party...This combines many sections of the store and we just love it.

Just today in the short time I was here the crazy kicked in at the BIG STORE I like to call it. Well, I was looking for pickle stickers! Pickles? Well we kind of found something in the BBQ section but it wasn't quite what the customer was looking for..it was for a bridal shower. Love the creativity. We have about everything else but when these unique requests come in we don't just forget that conversation after the customer leaves the store. In fact, just the other day unbeknownst to me, actual PICKLE costumes for Halloween came into the Costume Dept. we call Masque Productions.

Because of that unusual request, we write that stuff down, we pay attention to it and look for items that might be good to have as product in the store. I mean pickles are hot right now and to have a selection of items that work in this area, whether cups or a costume is what we do. We specialize in fun and making your event a custom one no matter what. It's our job to make it happen and everyone at the store has their speciality area to see it happens.

One of our speciality areas is the tents. Wow you have no idea what goes into ordering and setting up a tent. There is the initial phone call from the customer whether they are a bride or a corporate party planner. Next we discuss what size they need, how many people are expected, tables and chairs needed, staging, lighting and more oh my! Once that is configured, then the site and delivery day/time are discussed to ensure a great event success. The date is planned into a calendar where the staff keeps up to date on what is going in or out. Already twice this month there were times that no tents, tables/chairs and more were completely booked....completely booked! After the event is done then the reverse of putting it up comes down. It takes a crew of people to put this all together but the magic happens even if Mother Nature doesn't behave.

In fact, baby showers are a big thing all year long. Just now a customer called to ask about baptismal decor and tableware for a boy. Yes we have that and in different styles. Check that off the list. Then the next question, how late are you open? Until 6pm. "Wonderful" the customer said, "I'll be in soon". 

That's what so unique about the store is the variety of things they have to attain your goal of the perfect party for your event. The staff all have their unique areas of skills to assist you in creating that atmosphere you are looking for. It doesn't matter the event, Party Productions or The Other Store (at the Crossroads Mall) will work hard to give you the best in personal customer service that you really truly cannot get online...circus or not.



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