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Teamwork Makes The Event Work!

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    It takes a team to make an event happen anymore. We are all busy. You're busy. We're busy, yet when it comes down to planning an event, when you walk into Party Productions or The Other Store, the magic just seems to happen. The magic happens as soon as you walk in. "How can we help you today?" by a staff member. 

     I don't care how organize you think you are, how many ideas you searched online. You cannot beat the service and attention you get at either store. There are people that are determined and have little time to yak with list in hand. They are on a mission and by god they are going to get what they need and be done. You have those that wander in like today. They step inside and oh my, do they get overwhelmed within minutes of all the options available for your event.

      Then you have the "I'm just looking, but will you check on me in five minutes look". We do. The store is so big we don't want to lose anyone at closing time. As store associates walk around the store checking on customers, it is important we show them the options, what they can do to save money for their event as well as what can be added to their list like rentals or costumes. You can walk in with a predetermined idea and walk out with a totally new, creative vision for your event that NO ONE has even considered before. 

      Today we had a number of customers looking for tropical, summertime themes. One was all about luau, summertime colors w/ various images. Another wanted a fish type theme for a 1 year old. We had a great mix of items to choose from in different departments in the store. There were customers looking for corporate events that were mixed in with their community outreach. Great! We were able to show them our birthday section of emergency personnel items as well as our scrapbooking area that has papers/stickers for different professions in that area.

      It our pleasure to help you find that perfect selection of items that can make your event a success! Each staff associate has their specialty areas and often can intermingle between departments to give you the advantage of options for your occasion. If you know when you date of your event is, give us a call so that we can start thinking of items that can be pulled for you to look at when you arrive at the store. Need to plan a gala type event? Give us a call and set up an appointment w/ Ashley or Allie to discuss how they can not only supply you with the rentals you need, but the decorative services they provide to get your event looking like the "A-list" party it is meant to be!

      There is also the custom printing they do for events. They create custom printed images for centerpieces from family heirlooms to wedding images to invitations designed by you for the event. You are involved in the process all the way so there are no surprises from this place. There are so many choices of what can be created so that everyone feels special when they receive your invitation, see the place cards or maybe the personalized scrapbook signing pages for the benefit. It can be done here. We look forward to working with you to make your party great!



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