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We Go the Extra Mile for Our Customers....Literally, Physically, Mentally, etc.



It's true. We do. Everyday. Both stores, Party Productions and The Other Store do whatever we can to make your event experience the best. It doesn't matter the scale of it, big or small, we can do it all to the very best of our abilities. Each one of us that works at the store has our special niche or specialized skills. Each day is an adventure.

Just now we took care of an out of town customer who needed a special order of balloons. You have no idea what it took to get the deed done but we found out that we needed a few more of a design. Occasionally you are short on a design of a balloon that a customer wants. It happens. But we resolved the issue. You see we have this great network of small businesses that are there to help each other in these times where we may not have enough of something to complete an order. You call around. Each business says yes they can help or no if they can't; better yet they often suggest another business that maybe can. 

Today was a great example of how small businesses like ours work together to give the customer a great shopping experience. The calls were made, a plan was put in place and soon we located what was needed but out of town. Not a problem. Not once did we hedge because it "might" be an inconvenience especially with the down pour of rain going on. Not once. Once located it was off in the rain we went. In a matter of an hour, what was going to be a problem was solved because small businesses worked together to help find what was not available. That my friend you cannot find online. Oh yeah did I tell you how a BIG store told me that they couldn't go look for what was needed but I could look online at there selection? Geez. By the time I would have wasted doing so, I was already in the other town getting was needed, paying for it and back in the car heading to Fort Dodge. Thank you by the way to everyone we called and especially Floral Creations and Wempen's Garden Center in Humboldt for saving the day. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Other situations we had today? You know the usual. Finding globe type things for a couple. We had that. Small blowup globes, scrapbooking paper, stickers. Costumes? Tis' the season. We have people in here to get costumes for business events, school spirit week and even birthday events. Parents of the students that are getting costumes are pleased at how easy it was to rent a costume, the service they received and that they were in/out in less than 10 minutes. Not bad crew, not bad.

Oh yes, the specialty cards that were created for a customer so they could design custom ones for their event including envelopes? Yeah we did that too. All in one fell swoop and all in one afternoon. This business wants you to have a great experience planning your party, event, dress up day. It doesn't matter what you ask, we want to take your party to the next level. One on one service just the way you like it.

BTW- Have you checked out more of this website lately? It continually builds, changes and showcases the mass inventory selection available to you the customer. We have a contact page for you to directly ask us what you are looking for. Let us know how we can assist you today to make your event a success! Check out www.partyproiowa.net 



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