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Solid Color Tableware 

If you're the party planner and you are in need of colorful tableware for your event, we've got you covered! A full palette of colors to work with any theme you have to entertain your guests. Are you working with a photo image? One from Pinterest? Maybe it's a swatch from fabric for a wedding, an anniversary or birthday celebration.

Take a look at our variety in the various categories to see what would work best for you. Our broad spectrum of colors will help you decide what will make the best visual impact on your tables. If you know what color, how many, what size you need for example in napkins: (Yellow, 150, beverage & dinner) you can call us so we can pull product for you to look at when you stop in. Call us today so that we can help you today at (515)576-5544 or 1(800)747-1169. 


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